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Theme 3: Impossible
Code | Livepreview: 1 Column - 2 Column - 3 Column



ONLY your description (Not a quote or a hitcounter if you want to add one- you can add them under appearance) 


askbackground: background question
background: background theme & postinfo
bold: bold text
border: borders in sidebar, tags & postinfo
hover: when hovering over a link
link: color links in text
noteslink: color usernames permalink page
scrollbar: color scrollbar (webkit)
sidebarlinks: color sidebar links (IV)
tags: color tags
text: color text

If you want 1 column => check ONLY “1column”
If you want 2 columns => check ONLY “2column”
! If you want 3 columns => check “2column” AND “3column”.
If you don’t want tags or caption to appear => check “NoTags” / “NoCaption”

Icon and Sidebar
Square Dimensions

Counter: if you have one, you can post the script here
Link: fill in title {appears on hover} [7 Custom Links]
Quote: here you can post a quote or something else you like; it appears rotated, with lower opacity and justified
Quotesize: here you can adjust the width of the quote if necessary (to make it flow better)
Title1: appears next to your icon

Feel free to ask me anything

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